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Welcome to the official website of zhejiang demei bearing co., LTD.
hotline:0575-89385118 0575-89385101 | Join the collection | Contact us CHINESE
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about us

Company was founded in 1994, is a professional engaged in precision bearing ring OEM processing science and technology enterprises, is the international top bearings SKF and FAG, and many domestic enterprises supporting suppliers of large bearing industry recognition, the company mainly produces &qu...

Address: east zone, economic development zone, shengzhou city, zhejiang province.
Sales calls:0575-89385118
Fax number: 0575-8938519
Recruitment hotline:0575-89385101
our products Overview of company product information. >
Over the years, we have insisted on using high-end raw materials and selecting excellent suppliers. With excellent product development ability and strict quality control, we continuously expand our product line and application scope.
Quality certification
The company currently implements TS16949 and ISO9001 quality management system.
(run by the German Rhine TUB certification), strict quality control.
Browse our quality certification. >
Technology and equipment
The company has professional precision testing instruments and various technologies.
Production equipment, just to provide customers with quality products and services.
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Sales calls:0575-89385118 Address: east zone, economic development zone, shengzhou city, zhejiang province. Zip code:312500
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